Hi. I’m Heather. This little corner of the internet is where I hang my entrepreneurial shingle. And even writing that term, I am aware of how dated and out of place it is, and yet… I leave it there for now.

My mission, here and with all my endeavors, is to bring and encourage creativity and love in this world. I work with writers and artists and everyone who has ever had an idea and wanted a bit of help to make it happen. I’ve worked with clients for healing both their bodies and their spirits using massage therapy and journaling therapy. My blog, since the early 2000’s is over at Cosmic Shifts, where I write short stories, essays, and other random thoughts. At Purple Feather Press we offer writing, editing, and publishing services for books and workbooks in a family run publishing house. And Dragonfly Sage Treasures & Tales¬†was our family run antique store. ¬†While the physical location recently closed (cost of building lease went waaaay up beyond sustainability, and then, well, COVID happened), we still have some items and stories on our website for purchase and collection. Vintage and antique finds can still be found on Instagram & etsy. More information can be found here.